Our Saxophone & Performance Masterclass

Our Saxophone & Performance Masterclass

Nov 07, 2022



We set out to create the the most epic class that will help you become a better saxophone player, musician, and dynamic performer on stage.

⏲8+ Hours of Lessons

Let us share our saxophone techniques, musical philosophies, performance tips, and stories from being on the road as professional musicians. We'll help you level up as an entertainer and wow people at your next rehearsal or show.

🎚️For All Levels

 This class covers fundamentals through advanced techniques. We wanted to create something that would help you get started if you are a beginner and give our unique insights to advanced players.

🎷Video Jam Tracks

Practice doesn't have to be boring anymore! We recorded an exclusive set of video backing tracks and exercises for you to add to your practice routine. Come and jam out with us!


Saxophone learning is a life-long journey, and any journey is better with friends, so we created a virtual community where you'll be able to learn alongside your peers and get feedback directly from us!