2SAXY Workshop - Saxophone 1 (April 7, 2020)

2SAXY Workshop - Saxophone 1 (April 7, 2020)

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Hi Friends, 

We’re excited to host our second online workshop! This time we are focusing exclusively on saxophone techniques, just like you asked :)

In this 2 hour online workshop you will walk away with exercises and new techniques so you can focus on effective techniques in the practice room and improve faster. There will be live Q & A for each topic in the curriculum. We will bring on while we’re together.

<3 Grace + Leo


Saxophone Techniques 1 

Practice Mindset & Technique + Q&A (20 min)

We will teach you how to build your own practice plan, develop good habits, effective warm ups, and how to practice difficult music passages more efficiently so you can improve faster. We’ll also show you how to build in jam time in your practice session.

Fundamentals + Q&A (15 min)

We will teach you how to build a strong sax foundation and develop the habitual practices necessary to grow and strengthen as a saxophonist including best posture, breathing, and optimal embouchure positioning. 

Long Tones + Q&A (15 min) 

We will lead you through a series of long tone exercises that will help you develop a full consistent sound and overtone exercises that will strengthen your tone and expand your range including your altissimo!

Tonguing + Q&A (20 min)

Tonguing and articulation are essential punctuation within every musical sentence. We will teach you breath attack exercises that will teach you to articulate with accuracy and 


Overtones & Altissimo + Q&A (20 min)

We will dive into traditional overtone exercises and show you how you can take it a step further with creating your own sounds. These exercises will strengthen your tone and expand your range.

Ask Us Anything! (30 min)

    What are you waiting for?! We are currently limiting access to 500 seats (limit of the software we are using), so claim yours now. A 2 hour private lesson with Grace and Leo is typically $500 but we wanted to make this accessible to as many of you as we can, so are making this inaugural session only $50!

    If you’d like to use Venmo to sign up – DM us on Instagram.

    100% Saxyfaction Guaranteed 
    or your $$$ back.


    I Play a Different Instrument Can I Take This Course?
    Yes! The concepts in the workshop are applicable for all instruments.

    Can I view the lesson content on my mobile or tablet device?
    Yes! The videos can be viewed on any device as long as you are connected to the internet.

    How Long Will it Take to Get Access?
    We will send you a confirmation email after your purchase is complete and provide additional instructions for attending the workshop. Please check junk and spam folders for this if you don’t see it right away. Add workshop@weare2saxy.com to your contact list, to ensure delivery of all important emails.

    Does it matter which saxophone I play? 
    All saxes (and any other instruments/vocalists) are welcome 🙂 We are ASBT+ friendly.

    I just started playing saxophone, can I sign up for this online workshop?
    Absolutely! The techniques 2Saxy are teaching are applicable for beginners through advanced players and performers. 

    What if I miss the live workshop? Can I still watch it after the scheduled time?
    We will provide everyone who purchases a virtual seat with a download of the video of the workshop, so you can watch it anytime after the end of the class in case you miss it, or want to re-watch it!

    I’d like to submit my video for 2SAXY to review! Where should I send my video?
    You can submit DM your videos to our Instagram (@weare2saxy) or email workshop@weare2saxy.com. We will pick a minimum of 4 videos to review. We will watch up to 1 min of whatever video you send in. If you’d like 2Saxy to see a particular section please edit your video so it starts at that time code!

    Where will the online workshop be held?
    Please check your email for all confirmation details and look for an email sent to you wed morning with the workshop URL link. Please check junk and spam folders for it if you don’t see it right away. Add workshop@weare2saxy.com to your contact list, to ensure delivery of all important emails. If the above is still not working for you, please send an email to workshop@weare2saxy.com

    Is There a Guarantee?
    If you are not happy with the workshop for any reason, please let us know your feedback and we’ll be happy to either give you a refund or a waiver to a future session.